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The Plane

The Snoshoo SR-1 

We are building our aircraft for both "racing" and "sport" meaning that we will race the aircraft then with a little reconfiguration, convert to sport and be able to fly the aircraft cross country to advertise and promote our Team, Sponsors, and to showcase the aircraft at various venues. However, our core will be a "hard-core" racer, the Snoshoo SR-1. 

The design uses conventional, welded 4130 steel tubing for the fuselage (truss) structure, unquestionably the best material in terms of durability, crashworthiness, cost, ease of incorporating design changes, reparability and its efficiency in overall strength-to-weight. 

The wing of the SR-1 are all-wood construction. Aircraft-quality Sitka spruce is used for the laminated spars. The tail assembly will be made up of light weight carbon fiber.

The engine used for Formula 1 Air Racing is a Continental O-200. This is the same engine that powers the Cessna 150. However the speeds reached are much higher than the 150! The propeller is a 2 bladed and can be either carbon fiber or wood.


Wingspan:                      19'11"

Overall length:               17'11"

Wing area:                      66 sq.ft.

Empty weight:                530 lbs.

Gross weight(racing):   746 lbs.

Fuel Capacity(racing):   6 gal.

Power(stock O-200, @ S.L.) 100 hp.

Wing loading:                 11.3 lbs./sq. ft.

Power loading:              7.5 lbs./hp.

Aspect ratio:                6.0

Cockpit Height:            35.0"

Cockpit Width:             22.0"

The following performance estimates are calculated using the SR-1 in a typical racing configuration and with sea-level standard conditions, unless otherwise noted.

Stall speed:                                               65 mph

Rate of Climb:                                           2500+ fpm

Typical cruise speed(7500' MSL):          220 mph

Top speed(level flight, race engine):      280+ mph

Never-exceed speed:                                350 mph

Roll rate:                                                    180 deg./sec.

G Limits:                                                    +/- 8.


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